Jaguar XJ220

Car facts:

  • Jaguar XJ220 was manufactured from 1992 till 1994;
  • The Jaguar was planning to make 350 cars but they reduced the number and end production, because of poor sales performance, so they made only 275 cars;
  • XJ220 has a Twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6 engine which produces 542hp (405 kW);
  • Name XJ220 stands for its top speed of 220 mph sadly, but this car never reaches such speeds. The top speed after all mods that Jaguar did to reach this speed was 212.3 mph (341.7 km/h);
  • In 1993 24 Hours Le Man’s race three of XJ220 won GT class by beating Porsches by two laps;
  • The original price back in 1992 was 470 000£, which makes this car one of the most expensive cars at that time;
  • The average price now 400 000£;

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